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Erotic massage Prague | Salon Erotic massage Prague

What doeserotic massage Prague means?

It is expression used for erotic massage provided in our Prague erotic massage salon in which we propose such massage.

Erotic massage Prague now you can enjoy in the centre of the city. In the street Seifertova 15 there is waiting for you 9 beautiful, sexy erotic masseuses.

You can book erotic masseuses by phone in advance. And if you eventually forget, there will be at least 2 masseuses at your disposal in the erotic massage salon.

After you walk through the courtyard, yo go to the 1st floor. There are available 3 rooms with showers.

Before the erotic massage Prague begins, you can pleasantly meet the masseuse in the shower where you can go together before the erotic massage Prague. Masseuse can wash you in a cuddly way and you can wash her.

After a common shower you get dry and erotic masseuse will lead you to the massage room. She will lie you down on the low mattress  where erotic massage Prague can begin.

At the beginning you can lie down on your tummy. Erotic masseuse can massage your back then. After that she can continue to your lower body parts…

As soon as erotic massage Prague of one of your body side ends, you lie down on your back. Masseuse will be then possible to massage your chest, tummy and another spots. Moreover you will have perfect view to the erotic masseuse. So now you can fondle her…and not only on her buttock, if she allows you…

Later, when erotic masseuse reach the point of penis massage and you fondle her on her pussy, your arousal will be outstanding. If you want, erotic masseuse can even delay your orgasm. The more intensive orgasm you are going to have. And what about if you add a prostate massage to the erotic massage.

Erotic massage Prague is the place where you can go to get rid of everyday stress and tough day. Masseuses will be always happy to see you every day from 10:00 to 24:00. But if you wish and you make an order in advance, you can have erotic massage Prague nonstop.

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Stag party

Enjoy the stag pary with us. It includes lesbishow and furthermore, a bachelor will get a funny, sexy present!


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